Tribute page issues

I completed my Tribute page and submitted it to code pen. I ran the fork me test and it only acknowledged three of ten. It didn’t recognize several of the user stories that I wrote, for example: # 3 img-div/ #4 #5 img caption
I wrote these in so I am confused.
Please help!

Hi Ann,
Check the naming of your id’s thoroughly and remember the names are case sensitive. :slight_smile:
As for the last two tests, you need to add CSS rules that will make the images centered and responsive - currently there are no such rules in your CSS.

Id names r case sensitive so give exact name as suggested and also use (-) for example u have written Tribute Link and they asked u to write tribute-link so correct all of ur errors for last two make ur image responsive in css folder .

Thank you so much for your imput! I will take a look at it!!

Ok, I love/ hate the tiny mistakes! So I fixed a couple problems. I am centered and responsive. However, I tried to check my Id’s and I still can’t find where I messed up. I checked the tribute-link and tribute-info and I saw I had a dash. They were spelled right and lower case! Sometimes this makes me feel like I am loosbg my mind! But what a high when you finally figure it out, even if you want to kick yourself! lol

:joy::joy:lol ,look at at the tasks given bro and use same attributes and id names as they said i edited ur code previously and all errors were gone . Im new to this so i dont know how to post it if u still struggling send me ur info i will send u code

I am 9/10 and I about stared at the screen until m eyes bugged out looking for the mistake. I was determined to finish tonigt but that darn mistake won. I had to surrender until morning!
#6 My nemisis! Bahahaha