Tribute Page: Jennie; feedback appreciated

Hi campers,

Built a tribute page to Jennie of Blackpink, my wife’s favorite.

Please give me any sort of feedback. Notice it’s not responsive yet.

Also can anyone tell me why transition effect takes place when page first loads?


Thank you!

The page looks great! And the transition animation to the about page is also nifty. I’m not really sure what transition effect is taking place on page load. It seems like the number 6 on the right hand side moves a little. Is that what you mean? Where is the transition in the code?

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Slide up on the left and slide down on the right - the transition effect takes place when page first loads. It is the same animation that happens when we come back after opening “About Jennie”.

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Beautiful work. And I don’t see any transition effect when the page loads.

Not sure if you saw that but your page doesn’t work on mobile.

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Thank you for your feedback guys!

Like @srichakradhar said sometimes when the page first loads, left side slides down and right side slides up as if I clicked on “About Jennie” button. I am not so worried anymore because some of you say you don’t see it anymore :slight_smile:

Yep, needs to work on that eventually :slight_smile: