Tribute Page - Jet - Feedback appreciated

Hey all,
What a great resource this place is!

Here’s mine, just a basic tribute page to -

One of the greatest shows. One of the coolest characters.

It’s good to share.

Tribute to Jet Black

An feedback gratefully received.

Just a few issues:

  • ids are supposed to be unique, so you can’t have <p>s with the same id.
  • All of those one liner <p>s with bold text should be changed to heading tags.
  • Don’t skip heading levels (you went from an <h1> to <h3>.
  • You’ve got a ‘click here’ link at the bottom. That is frowned upon and is not very accessible.
  • As I narrow my browser I lose side margins so the text is right up against the edge of the view port. Also, I’m getting a horizontal scroll bar that probably shouldn’t be there.

Thanks bbsmooth.
I have amended the errors you picked up on. If you don’t mind having another look that would be awesome?

Thanks very much for the feedback. much appreciated.