Tribute Page- John Snow

Just new to coding. Any help and feeback on this would be very much helpful. Especially on getting better and pointers on how I can improve my ability to code.
Link is here

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@assebutiko Great start! I like that you used the text-justify bootstrap class. It looks nice. A few things to think about if you want to make improvements:

For valid HTML markup, you’ll want to look at the Doctype and the Head and Body sections of FCC Beta. All HTML markup should have these basic elements.

Paste your HTML into this HTML validator. This will help you find some of the errors in your HTML markup.

Your <img> element needs to have an alt attribute. This element is technically incorrect without an alt attribute. Alt attributes are also very helpful for people who use screen readers. Here’s a wonderful resource where you can learn more about the importance of alt attributes.

You have some inline styling like <em> and <strong>. Some prefer not to use inline styles because it blurs the separation of concerns.

Design-wise, I think your page will look better without the col-md-10 class on line 12. You may, instead, want to set that to col-md-6 and add col-md-6 to the div element on line 4. Try it and see what you think.

Keep working hard!