Tribute page - Joseph Roberts

Joseph Roberts tribute Page

Hi I would be happy if someone can take some time to look at my Tribute Page, it will always be a work in progress, in terms of more information to be added, however i believe its complete from a development perspective.

I have used with the img tag an alt="" to help with screen readers but it turns out to be quiet rude so not sure if i should drop that, i have agonized over that. Also some of the document images / pdf’s you can access via links are quiet heavy approx (600kb) i am not sure if they offer anything. would be happy for feedback on this.

Hi Joseph,

I just had a look at your tribute page. It looks beautiful but I am sure you can make it better. Maybe the background color?

Hi JoelBrice,

I have agonised over the colours, the red and blue are the insignia colours of the Royal Artillery and it felt right to use them, but i do get that perhaps it looks a little dated do you think its a little dark, maybe i should replace the gold with white and a grey font. it really is a read page so should be easy on the eye’s…:slight_smile:


Ok I get it now Barry. It looks great. Just check the font again. just suggesting but it looks great.