Tribute Page - Kid Cudi

Hey guys. New to coding, First time making a tribute page. Wondering if it’s good to go for a submission and would appreciate any feedback that I could have done better. Thanks!

Where is your image?
I know you have a background image, but shouldn’t there be a main image that doesn’t resize larger than it’s original size?

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I’m not sure what you’re referring to. is it my main image of the artist or having another background image that should be fixed in there so it wont move?

vvalt0101 your page is looking good! Love the background image. I agree with the other camper, that you need a different image other than your background one. Having a pic of Kid Cudi would really make your page pop. You also need to have the beginning html code and the script that runs the tests.

I would also suggest including crediting yourself somewhere on your page that you did the coding.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work!


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Hey asdnc. I really appreciate your feedback. so i notice my image of kid cudi is not showing on mobile browser but it shows up on the desktop browser. i am not sure how to able it on mobile. i added the html code as you said and im not sure what you mean by the script to run the test. i also added a area of me crediting myself to this work so thank you for telling me that!

Heres the link to my tribute page if you would like to look at it again.

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vvalt0101 your page is looking good! I don’t see the picture of the artist on my laptop.

I just looked at your page and noted some things that were still missing. I added the doctype and head. The script to check is also included.

Some good free tools to assist with checking your code can be found at .

I would suggest making sure you have all the right html tags and the formatting is correct (you can use one of the tools listed above).

I need to listen to some of his music now :slight_smile: !


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Soo i figure the problem with the image lol. I used Imgur as the host for my image. Imgur blocks Codepen for some reason, but i switch host to Cloudinary that was suggested from a thread i read in Reddit. But yeah it should work fine now. I was able to see it on my mobile browser :D.

Okay okay! i know understand about the HTML/doctype/head and the script after seeing your example and reading about it and redoing the curriculum.

Nice! I’m definitely going to check that tools out.

Oh! Yes, listen to his music! let me know what you think. :smile:

Thank you so much for all the help you did for me! I really appreciate it !

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Very nice!! Now I see an image.

What is the for? it doesn't hurt anything though.

You have an a element after the image of Kid Cudi. I tried to past the code, but it doesn’t post correctly.