Tribute Page - Kolopka

Hello ,

I have created my Tribute page. Here you can find it: Garfield

I have fulfilled almost everything, but here is one thing: On IPAD somehow if I click on the last picture or on the link, it scrolls back to top. I have read many solution for this, none of them worked…not quiet, the one which might work is using jQuery, which I do not want to use for this page.
On Android phones (Sony, Blackberry) the page is looking good and on Desktops too.

So please send some feedback about my page…and IF you have any idea for my problem above that would be great. (I will try some other tricks of mine on that…)

Thank you in advance ! Meow.

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Looks really good. Very creative. I love that you have to click on the paw to view the wiki page. Nice touch.

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Awesome page :smiley:

Besides the congratulations for the creativity and the eye for the details, if you have already found a solution for your problem probably if you share it we can ‘translate it’ in plain js ^^