Tribute Page | Leonardo DiCaprio

Hello Campers,

Here is my Tribute Page!
Any and all feedback/questions are welcome! :slight_smile:


I really like how modern and clean this looks. Solid work :muscle:

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Thanks a lot @Codemetheus! :slight_smile:

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Nice work. One note regarding Accessibility - for the cards in the lower portion of the page (Wildlife preservation, etc.), you should go with a much lighter color for the font since there is not enough contrast with the background color, which means users with poor vision will have difficulty reading the content. See the Improve Readability with High Contrast Text section of the Applied Accessibility unit of the FCC curriculum for more guidance on this issue.


Thank you @GFore! You are right, I will fix it right away :slight_smile:

I love this work. Good job.

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Well, this is that kind of work that makes me feel ashamed of my own.

Talented designer detected ✓

The only thing I feel was not matching is the last pink circle at the bottom. There is no other element in the page with that color.

I also found you used creative responsive solutions, but:

Maybe a @media introducing a little bit of padding, a vw based font-size and justified content would work better for small screens. Otherwise, all great :+1:


@JonatasAndrade Appreciate it man! This comment means a lot to me man :slight_smile: Pretty valid points btw. Fixed the circle right away but i guess I’ll take some time to fix the other issues :heart:

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