Tribute page - link wont click

Can someone help me figure out why my link in (Macadellic) wont work?

you have to change text a little. change this

<a href:'http..'>Macadelic: Mac Miller</a> to this:
<a href="http..">Macadelic: Mac Miller</a>


You need to add the “target” attribute to your tag.
Add this: target="_blank"
This would force the browser to open the link in a new tab. Going forward, always add the target attribute when working on CodePen, because ordinary link tags are disabled owing to security reasons

im afraid i can’t figure it out still, where am i supposed to enter the target?

Here is how your a tag should like:

<a href='' target="_blank">Macadelic: Mac Miller</a>

Here is one tutorial link to get more understanding about a tag works. Hope this helps.

I’ve updated your codepen to show how it will work: