Tribute Page, list item does not align anymore under a certain screen size

I have just completed my tribute page, but I need help with a particular issue, my list item with id=“96” does not align properly anymore when screen size is under 544px x 199px, and I can not figure out why? Please help out if you can, it will be greatly appreciated.

You need to look at the div that is the parent of the ul element. Currently it has an align-items-center class.

It does not affect it, i just forgot that class there, I have removed it but it doesn’t solve the problem

Worked for me. Once I removed this the list items are all left aligned and just wrap onto the next line when the viewport width is too small for one line. Did you want to achieve some other look?

But try also removing the ‘text-center’ class from the ul element and the li with id=“96”

Got it!!! it works now yeah i had to remove the text-center from both.

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile: