Tribute Page - Lucy Maud Montgomery

First project, full of endless fussing over the details. What I’ve definitely learnt is not to insist on pursuing aesthetics I have no skills to deliver. After fully committing to it with a typewriter font though I think it works?

Tribute Page - Lucy Maud Montgomery

Few questions for you wiser folks:

  1. I am having trouble stretching the li’s of the navbar to take up all of the room so that the background highlight effect on hover (line 198) doesn’t look weird on mobile.

  2. The typewritery colon/ellipsis hover effect on the navbar on desktop (lines 76-104) shifts the whole link a little, probably on account of the ::after. Is there a way to make it not do that?

Thanks and cheers!

Hi @indigodreams, your page looks good.

There is no hover on mobile since there’s nothing to hover with.

I noticed that too. What is the purpose of putting in the ellipsis and colons?

You’re using an id more than once. id's are meant to be used only once.

Cleaned up the id's, thanks!

The ellipsis and colons are mostly there because I wanted to try out ::after, but also felt they help the typewritery feel.