Tribute Page Lvl. 2

Hey guys!

I wanted to practice, so I’ve made another tribute page, this time creating more pages, animations, bootstrap and some intermidiate CSS3/HTML ideas.

Please give me feedback on how to make it better! It was the first project I’ve done all by myself and it was great for learning!


i really like your work.good job.

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woahi really love this. very well done!

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate that!

Thank you, IcedYuri! I’m working on my second big project now, I hope it gets even better!

Hey! The site looks wonderful, it has a lot of thought, as well as love, put into it. It’s really cool to see how much you expanded the project from being just one page to a whole site. It’s a lot fuller, and your creativity isn’t as limited. I’m gunna do the same with my musician tribute page in the future too for practice.

One thing that interested me the most is the discography section and the progress of his album art. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard any Tom Waits songs, but it looks as though something dark or unpleasant happened between the album “Franks Wild Years” and “Bone Machine.” His art choices are unique.

I really like the headers on each screen and how they’re different page to page with different quotes. The color scheme is nice too, esp since you used black and white photos. The reddish accent color is a good way to highlight.

Ok, now a few things I noticed just going through the page:
An easy one, I think you mislabeled the year on the album “Bone Machine.” It says 1980, but below it says 1992.

The second one I noticed is that on the pages of Biography and Discography, the scroll bar is hidden behind the navbar. It’s not as noticeable on the Home and Contact page, but the tops of them are hidden too. Maybe the scroll bar’s z-index is to the max, lol.

The last thing I’ll mention is more of an opinion rather than something that absolutely needs correcting:
I was reading the Biography page and I feel that the sentence structure and flow isn’t completely sound. Some paragraphs have information stated that isn’t common knowledge, and there’s no explanation to the stated fact. Some paragraphs have information that doesn’t really have much to do with the rest of the paragraph. Again, this is just a suggestion to check out, and has nothing to do with your site besides what people will read.
I also feel that you could use that red accent color in the Bio page for more highlighting. You have a lot of text on this page, but a good way to help keep the reader’s engagement is to add some of that color and maybe make them links to a YouTube playlist of an album you named, for example. I’m not saying that all the info written isn’t valid and important, but most people’s attention spans nowadays are really limited lol. But this is just an idea, not something that needs fixing. Do what you see fit!

Great job,overall! :+1: You did Mr. Waits proud.


Man, firstly I want to thank you for the time you spent on giving me such a unique feedback! I really appreciate it and I appreciate how much you really analyzed the page and told me all the specific things you liked and the things you saw I could improve! Thank you so much for this!

About Tom Waits, you totally got it! Tom Waits had a major change in his vocal chords during his carreer and he also changed his style drastically, into a darker and more sarcastic/dark humored kind of writting, sometimes being plain morbid and sometimes being completely romantic. He is one of the biggest geniuses of lyricism and you really should check him!

Oh yeah, the dates in Bone Machine are wrong! I will totally fix them!
And I haven’t even noticed the problem with the scroll bar! Thanks for that, that totally escaped me!

About the paragraph, there’s a reason for it. As I stated in the Home page, it wasn’t my focus to write about him, because that would change the focus of developing the page. Therefore the biography part has only some parts of the Wikipedia biography.

Thank you again! Your feedback made my day!

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I might just have to check him out! :smile:

Gotcha, no worries. It was still a cool read. He’s definitely an influential guy from what I read. I’ll try to remember to tag you in the site I create in the future so you critique my musician page too lol :headphones:


NIce piece of work…

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outstanding, love it all

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I am gonna be dumper on all the praise and give you some critique.
First of all, your navbar covers scrollbars because you have overflow: auto; in your body,html css rule.
Try removing this line and see the difference.
Secondly, text in your cabecalho_index element, italic one, goes outside of background plate boundry because last letter is tilted in italic.
Take a look on this css section:

cabecalho_index>h1, .cabecalho_biography>h1, .cabecalho_discography>h1, .cabecalho_contact>h1 {
    font-family: 'Staatliches', cursive;
    font-size: 50px;
    font-style: italic;
    position: absolute;
    bottom: 5px;
    right: 15px;
    color: #fff;
    text-align: right;
    background: rgba(0,0,0, 0.4);
    background-size: cover;

You can fix this just by adding padding-right: 15px;. This way there will be padding between right edge of element container and text inside it, so tilted letter will not go past it.

Images on page of actual biography do not have any information about context they were taken in. You should consider adding little caption below each photo telling what it is about\when it was taken.
Finally, your contacts section have broken mail link.
It should have href=""

Aside from that I really like it, great job!

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The survey form? I’d love to see that when you’re done!

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Thank you very much for all the tips! I was really looking forwaords ways to improve it and of course I will try all of that and repost the website here! Thank you a lot man!

Oh wow I really like the design of you webpages. Nice choice of colors too. Really good intro.

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Good job Lucas, It’s amazing.

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