Tribute page Mahatma Gandhi

Hi i have completed the tribute page project and i will like some feedback and suggestion
Thank you
here is the link

Looks good! Tidy. Love Tribute pages. Always learn something new :nerd_face:

Your page looks good @Zedgamer9128. Some things to revisit;

It’s odd that you link one font but don’t use it and call another font that’s not linked. User’s aren’t seeing your page the way you want them too.

Hello bro, your page looks good. Congratulations!! You have taken off. I remember, six months back, I had started learning programming from zero and now I have basic python, javascript, a lot of react (still learning) and building cool UI with it while learning. Will complete front end certifications soon. This small step can be the life-changing moment of your life. Stay motivated and work hard.

This is the page I had created A Pen by CHANDAN ( I am sharing this because being a gandhian, I had also created this page as a tribute to him. Keep working and one piece of advice, try not to limit yourself with the test-cases of a given project only. Think of how you can use more and more of what you have learnt while coding. I have discovered that listening to a 60 hour video on say Javascript didn’t help more if I simply heard the lectures. I learnt more and almost memorized things when I started using them in small projects I build while learning. I have learnt a lot of CSS things that I had forgotten by just implementing them in projects. Things like how flexbox works, grid-system, auto-fill,auto-fit differences, how box-shadow works. Human minds tend to forget things so use as much of what you have learnt in your projects. It will take longer to complete project this way, but you will be so comfortable with these things that you will feel like you have memorized them. Good Luck!!!

Done Thank You for your feedback

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