Tribute page - Marc Anthony

Heyy guys, I just finish my first project on freecodecamp. This is my first webpage that Ive built. The project was to build a tribute page. So far we only learn HTML,CSS, and a little bit of Bootstrap. I would appreciate any feedbacks to help me improve. Thanks for taking the time to help out a brother out. Here’s my page link.

Good job :thumbsup:

The <body> tag is supposed to wrap around the entire content. Everything that’s visible on your web page should be nested in it. And on Codepen you can omit the <body> tag altogether, since the HTML editor there already represents the contents of <body>.

In your image maybe you meant using center-block instead of text-center to center the image? Also, add img-responsive to its classes so it looks better on mobile. For its enclosing <div>, replace col-md-4 with col-md-8 so the image takes the rest of the screen width on desktop.

Avoid using uppercase letters for tag names, like in <Figure></Figure>

In this text:

“One of the most fluential peforming tropicial salsa artist of this time, and an ambassador of latin music and culture at a global level”.

Consider applying these changes:

  • “fluential” to influential
  • “artist” to artists