Tribute Page: Margaret Thatcher

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Very well done Ariana! Of course I am a little prejudiced as the woman of topic is one of my favorite people. But the layout is attractive and the information architecture makes it interesting and draws you in to want to extract more from it. I was a little puzzled by the scroll top function that I couldn’t find as you have it set to display: none. Why do you have it then? I haven’t done mine yet so all I can figure is it is required as part of the exercise without the requirement of using it. Nice page. Nice tribute.

Good start. Here are some thoughts I had as I looked through this:

  1. The images seemed stretched to me. You may want to try making the width:52%; and make the height:'auto';, or something like that.

  2. I think that it would be nice to have a sticky menu at the top so that users could navigate to each section.

  3. The lists might be easier to read if you removed the margin from .one and .two, and added margin-top:1em; to .dates.

Hope this is helpful.
Keep up the nice work.