Tribute page - Martin Arnold

Hi everyone! I ‘finished’ my tribute page and would like to receive some feedback from you to improve.

This is not my first time programming, but I left it for a long time and I had many obstacles, so it’s not as i would have liked :confused: .

Thank you!
Tribute page

Hi Nayla,

Good job completing the project! I noticed that you kept your tribute’s style consistent with Arnold’s own website :slight_smile:

I liked that you added a hover animation to the main img. You may have noticed that when it animates, the edges become jagged/pixelated. This can be fixed by adding outline: 1px solid transparent; to the .arnold class.

I look forward to seeing your future projects! Happy Coding :upside_down_face:

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Great job! I like how you animated the image! The page layout is nice on mobile and laptop.

For desktop, I was wondering why the two paragraphs under the three videos are only on the left side of the screen? I think it would look better for desktop if you got rid of the col-md-6 class.

Have fun!

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Wow you did a great job, adding your own personal style to it. I really liked the animation. I kept mine simple.

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Thank you binq, I already applied your advice :slight_smile:
Happy codding for you too!

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Thank you Laura for taking the time, I see that error too. The both paragraphs have the col-md-6 class, I don’t know why they look that way. I think I did something wrong with bootstrap but I can’t figure out what.

I would really apreciated it if one of you could tell me what’s wrong with my bootstrap :slight_smile:

Do you want both paragraphs to be next to each other or below one another?

If you want them to be side by side, then simply wrap the two column divs with a row div. Check out the bootstrap documentation for how to work with the grid system.