Tribute Page (Michael Jackson) Feedback

This is my first project and I would really appreciate feedbacks.

Thank you.

Hi there! I like the simplified color choices, but few things to note.

  • I would try centering the images, videos to the center, as it looks off balance with alot of white space on the right hand side.

  • Add some padding in your container so your context in there will have more breathing room.

Overall good job on the use of flex box and css grids. Although for your header, it doesn’t work too well on smaller screens as if you resize down, they are still in two columns. Naturally you want to push them down into one column. Good news is, you can easily achieve this with the css grid that you already have in place around your section-a container.

	grid-template-columns: repeat(auto-fit, minmax(min-content, 600px));

So basically change your grid columns to that above, I quickly inserted some number for the overall width of it, but feel free to mess around with it. With that, once you resize your window, it will automatically collapse your columns down to one.

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Thank you so much. I’d work on that.