Tribute Page - Michael Schumacher

Hi all,

I would like some feedback on my tribute page please:

Hosted on github trying to get through the freeCodeCamp syllabus.

Link to the repo:

Nice, responsive, well done. Good job. :+1: Happy coding

One thing i have noticed after resizing screen to a mobile like: your h1 tag does not resize to a smaller font-size. You should add a media query to make it smaller then 5em.

WOW! Looks good. Do you have prior experience?

Did you do this using the freecodecamp Map or beta.freecodecamp?

Interested in hearing your response.

Overall looks great. Good job.

Thanks for the feedback. I work as a PHP developer and don’t really do big front end work so I am trying to up my skill level for Full stack development.

I did this for the normal map will have a look at the beta map.

Thanks, I made media query and used bootstrap 4’s display-1 for heading size

Yep. it looks good now even on smaller screens.

Was it not meant to do it over codePen ?
otherwise not bad.

Here is mine :