Tribute page Mr. Larson - Feedback welcome!

Feedback welcome.

Also wondering your opinion on the following:
Should I spend more time working on this project making it as great as I can? Or should I save the more in depth efforts for future projects?

It’s really up to you. As you move through the tutorials and projects you’ll gain more knowledge about things you might want to apply to different projects. You can always go back and fix things up. I never hurts to play around with what you know now though.

Here’s my two cents:

  1. Don’t try to learn a css framework like bootstrap yet. That will be covered later on in the curriculum. Working with pure css at this point will give you a better feel for how things work.

  2. The test suite code you have on line 19(<script src=""></script> should be at the top of your page

  3. this css h1{color:Bla k;} isn’t necessary because the default color of text is already black. on top of that you should always use undercase (no capital B). You missed the k in black. It should also be written like this:

h1 {
     color: black;
  1. Which brings me to my next point. You should read a bit about improving html and css readability i.e. indents, spaces ect.

  2. The h1 to h6 tags are semantic tags and shouldn’t be used to increase font size. For more about semantics look here.

  3. Instead of using em in your html markup try using a class with font-style: italic;.

  4. This id css isn’t applied anywhere.

  1. Always use an alt="" attribute on your images even if you leave it blank.

  2. Seeing as the picture is centered it might look nicer to have your text items centered or pushed to the center more.

  3. In the CSS for img you have both margin-right: auto; and margin-left: auto; when it should be margin: 0 auto; to reduce the amount of code.

Considering that the projects get more complex as you go I’d advise flushing this one out a bit and gaining a bit more knowledge.

Some useful links I’ve found along to way:


Hello, Thank you for taking the time to provide in depth feedback! I am in the habit of coding without people seeing my code, and where only the end product matters. I have learned my first lesson, that I should write code expecting it to be read, and take time and effort to make my code readable as possible. I have integrated your suggestions, and redesigned my pqge to be as simple as possible while looking acceptable. Should you have any suggestions, please feel free to provide them.