Tribute Page-My first project ever

What do you think of this? I would like to ask your opinion and criticism is okay. I still have a lot to learn I only know the basics. I also don’t have a very good skill in designing.

The page looks great. You can improve the look by changing a few things.

  • I am not able to read the title ID that well because the font is a bit too thick.
  • The paragraph text should not go all the way across the screen. I recommend setting a maximum width.
  • Mmmm. The description “greatest football player of all time” is questionable. Just joking.
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thanks for the feedback. :smiley: the only thing I’m struggling right now is how to make my projects also look good on mobile :frowning:

Play around with media-queries from sometime and you will get a hang of it .
Also, It would be easier to make your site responsive if you start mobile first.
By that I mean, start designing your website with mobile resolution first and scale up as you go.
Scaling up is easier than scaling down.

At least for me, it’s readable on mobile. It could be snazzier looking, but readability is the most important thing to me.