Tribute Page - My first project - Gemma Whelan

Hello this is my first ever project. I am a beginner at web dev. The design is inspired from other websites. I had help on the Javascript part but the HTML/CSS codings are mine. I haven’t added media quires yet (I will add it later) so this webpage is not responsive. I didn’t add too much info as I wanted it to be a design-fiirst webpage.

/* Update 1.0 - Responsiveness except memorable pic section */

I want your opinion on what designs I can add or what improvements I can make.

I would love to see a review from your end a this is my first project.

Well done, good use of semantics here!

Some of her pictures are cut off that her face is not showing. Go head and adjust them to show her face.


Thanks, I have also noticed that. I am gonna make that change and fix up the media queries with in few days as because I am working on the next project which is a survey form.

Great project @ayaneshsarkar!

Good job… I really liked your tribute page :slight_smile:

Your page looks great on desktops but not on mobile. As you are using flexbox for your layout it shouldn’t be hard to make it fully responsive. Otherwise, good job :+1:

Hello @sonir, I agree that in flexbox and grid displays media queries are easy. As because I am working on the next project (survey-form), I will make it responsive later. I was just excited to jump on the next project, so, you can say I was a bit lazy.