Tribute Page- My first project

I just finished my tribute page under the basic front end projects. I was just wondering if you guys could take a look and if you see anything that could be improved or needs fixing.

Images not responsive. Links not accessible. Red is too bold for the background.
Apart from that great! :smiley:

On my computer it shows the images and when I clicked on the link it showed up properly. Any idea why it isn’t working? Also I felt red was fitting since that is the color of MAGA hats and it is a tribute for Trump. Are you just criticizing my work due to your disapproval of president Trump? If so I find that very immature.

I can’t tell if this is against Donald trump or with him.

The html itself is decent.

I’m pretty sure it’s ironic :stuck_out_tongue:
That said you should try to resize your browser window, you will see what @JohnnyBizzel means: the words moves to adapt to the screen width, the images don’t so your layout will displace itself ^^
I’m not a bootstrap fan, anyway there should be few ways to achieve the result ( here the link of a challenge: link and here a link to some docs: link)

Here is what I mean about accessibility.
Don’t worry every newbie forgets about the disabled when designing websites (me included).

Applied Accessibility: Give Links Meaning by Using Descriptive Link Text