Tribute Page - My Very First Project and What I've Learned!

  • Programming on your own is more interesting than grinding tutorials by a factor of 1,000,000
  • Google is the next tattoo on my forehead (essential, amazing help)
  • Time flies when you’re developing
  • If you can visualize it, you can develop it
  • With this project, you’re one line of code away from fixing an issue
  • I am now confident that I can make a static web page

I could have spent a lot more time with this project making sure that it was entirely responsive, a nav-bar that shoots you to certain dates within the page - but I’m hungry! I’m eager to go face to face with those algorithms!

If you guys have any feedback or questions, I’m game for both, and am so glad that this site is a thing. Thank you FCC.

great looking page. You have learned a lot it looks like.

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Very nice looking page but looking under the hood, there are a few things to note:

  • You’re not getting a full responsive design cause you have a container stucking out - the one with the social media icons. If you use your console, you’ll see it.

  • The circle-styled links: Though I get why you styled it the way you did, but from a UX point of view, you should never assume your user knows everything. Each of them points to something else, I had to look done to see where the link was pointing to. That’s considered bad design - when your user has to work extra to get something done. Maybe instead, have a text appear when you hover so the user knows where this link points to.

  • Your p tags should be within a row class (so you always follow bootstraps specifications). That way you will have some padding in the mobile version.

  • I also think you should have made this page without bootstrap but still responsive. You will learn so much more with css. Then after in your personal portfolio use it.

Yo, thank you for the juicy response!

I really appreciate the UX design tip, that’s not something that’s covered here in FCC and is definitely something that I need to be thinking about when developing. I really like the hover state idea, going to put that in next time!

Working on my portfolio now, going to ditch bootstrap and go in with raw CSS! Thanks for the tips, these were super useful!

No problem. Very often, especially in freelance work, you’ll find yourself doing stuff other than programming - even though all you want to do IS programming!