Tribute page-need advice, and feedback

Hi guys,
so I just finished (kinda, cant seem to leave it alone even after it’s done) the challenge. Ans I have a few questions:

  1. I struggled a lot with image placements. At the end I managed to put them in their proper spot, but I didn’t really get how it happened. I used the 12 grid bootstrap placement thingy, when the image is in the first column I can just add the left margin and it’ll move, but when the image is in the right side, I couldn’t use the margin to get it to move (instead, i adjusted the padding and it worked) could you explain how they behave differently?

  2. I know that my html and css code probably inefficient and messy. I tried not to use a lot of div on html, and id as css selectors, but i don’t know how, mostly I put code in based on what i need at the moment, so do you guys plan the code before you start? could you share your usual workflow in making a webpage?

  3. I’d love for you to check out my tribute page and give me advice and feedback, I just started FCC last week,:slight_smile:

here is the link:

See the Pen cher-tribute-page by vista (@vistapuri) on CodePen.

Thank you!!!


I am with you on not really understanding on how to make certain images be in a proper spot, it kind of just happened with mine as well.

I really cant find much wrong with yours. I would maybe add a page break at the bottom right there, between the blue and the black blocks, as the text on the blue is kind of getting cut off from the black color. Other than that, it really looks good. Simple yet colorful design that grabs attention as well as organized with concise information.

I wish I could help you more, but I have pretty much the exact same questions as you. Specifically number 2, because I noticed that my code was also super messy.

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Those last 2 blocks were kinda iffy,I thought.

I did the portfolio page and I think I understand bootstrap grid system a bit better. Thinking of tweaking the tribute page.

no problem. you completely finished your portfolio page? I’m almost done with it for now, I just need to add a contact form to it and also test it out on mobile - besides, I am pretty sure I will be adding to the structure of the portfolio site since I don’t really want to spend too much time on it - just wanted to get the fundamentals of it down. Have you started the javascript yet?

yeah, here it is [], this one works in mobile. My tribute page definitely unresponsive whatsoever. lol.
I went through the JavaScript challenges, but still having a LOT of troubles in comprehending and applying the code. I still don’t get how the right way of looking at the problems. it’s way different than doing Math when I was in school.
I’m on the Algorithms challenges now, we should compare notes n discuss stuff :smiley:

wow very nice tribute page! great job on it. simple yet organized and easy to understand. one thing is that your links don’t work on your portfolio. here is mine, , I’m still trying to get a contact form working, and also change up some of the colors/add some more style to it, but then I am going to start on the javascript because I can always come back to add to the portfolio.

I’m definitely down to compare notes when I get to that part. How long did it take you to get to the algorithms section?

shoot, i forgot to put in the target="_blank" thing. fixed! thanks for pointing that out.
wow you’re very artistic, and you’re true to your style with the black n grey. Im not very good at designing, i looked for color palettes (with hex codes on it) and choose the one i like.But I don’t miss-match the color.
did you get the contact form to work? I was wondering about that,but I think it’s a bit complicated, figured they’ll tell us how, down the line.
It took me about a week to finish the javascript part, n im half-way done with the algorithm,The algorithm part is actually less confusing since you get to see the code in action. I still dont know how to put js script on a webpage tho, I know that one of the thing that js do is the pop up boxes and animation, other than that i have no idea. But im patient, ill wait til FCC tell me.
from Project Odin, the JS assignment was to solve math problems at OMG i felt like an idiot, haha . but after doing the FCC part, I think I have a better idea. But I haven’t tried since the last time I gave up. I dont recommend trying that before you finish the JS here, except if you know how to code already, or if youre a math genius.:D]

Yeah, that’s the look I was going for - black and white mostly with hints of color here and there. Thanks for that.
wow interesting I did not know that the JS part involved math! I am actually kind of glad because that means its going to keep me on my toes and I am really going to have to stay focused, lol. I am hoping to start the javascript part this week, I just want to finish the form section on my webpage and maybe style the webpage some more.

But I was wondering - did you get your contact form working? I got mine working for the most part, when someone fills it out, it will send me an email, but I did not want to learn PHP right now, so I just used so I didn’t have to do the PHP part. Where did you learn to create your contact form?

BTW, I am pretty much done with my portfolio page now
If you want to check it out and let me know how it is/what I could change/tips/recommendations :slight_smile: