Tribute Page: Need feedback on improving my design/code

This is my first project. Just followed the instruction. Any suggestions for this or future projects are welcome.

It looks good.

Just a few comments:

  1. I would reduce the size of the container of the photo a little. You have this large white rectangle. I’d want a smaller encasing and then center it.
  2. The fonts are a little small in your list. I’d want to bump up the font.
  3. The Ali quote looks odd - I’m assuming as a result of right justification.
  4. It seems a shame to use Javascript for that one line. That was easy to do in CSS. Nothing wrong with it, I guess, but it is a little unusual.

But still, great first go.

Thanks for your guidelines. Really appreciate it. Tried to fix those issues. Have a look. I didn’t use javascript. Codepen might add those line automatically. I have no idea. Thanks for pointing out. Image is originally rectangle in size and I think that is the problem not proportionate much.

I like it. The only thing I might suggest is indenting the author of the quote (“Muhammad Ali”) - it’s how I’m used to seeing it. But that’s a design issue, not a coding one.

I’m not used to codepen adding Javascript. Maybe it was left over from something else.

But it looks good. Have fun on the portfolio page.