Tribute Page (New)- Looking For Feedback

Hey guys, I’m new to the forum and freeCodeCamp. I just completed the tribute page project and would love some feedback. Here’s the link

I think you did an awesome job.

nice project! one thing I would like to add is maybe try to fiddle with the height of your landing background by utilizing the ‘view-height’ property.

#img-div {
width: 100%;
height: 100vh;


Thank you I really appreciate it. :smile:

Thank you, just tested it and I like it; however I’d have to make some changes to the tribute-info section (Too sleepy to redesign right tho :sweat_smile: ). Thanks again for the advice, Always happy to learn something new. :blush:

It looks great aside from the fact that the images are low res (this isn’t something you should really try and fix unless you care because theres not much to be learned by finding a link to a higher res pic).

Other than that maybe using animations instead of instant transitions on the hover effects for the three pics at the bottom could be smooth.

Thanks for the recommendations, yeah searching for high res pictures right now won’t improve my skills. But I’ll definitely keep it in mind. I added the animations to the pictures, also added on to the button.