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I am meant to build the tribute page and it looks like I haven’t learned anything at all because I do not even know what Id=main means. I practically do not know how I would start. Help, please

Hi @Ifedaniel !

Welcome to the forum!

A big part of these projects is to learn how to break things down into smaller manageable pieces.

Start with just the HTML and slowly go through each user story.
Research what you don’t understand.

For example, here is the first user story.
User Story #1: My tribute page should have an element with a corresponding id="main" , which contains all other elements.

When you don’t understand something, first try googling it.
Being able to first research the problem is a big part of becoming a developer.

You can try googling things like:
What is an id HTML?
How do I create an id in HTML?

The first few results will give you explanations on how to create an id.

Then if you still have questions, you can come back to the forum and ask.
But always research first. :grinning:

After you have completed all of the user stories, then you can focus on styling.

This is a common problem for a lot of beginners.
You have to remember that you were only exposed to this material once.

It is completely normal to forget most of it.

The best way to retain material is by building projects.

It is normal to struggle with your first few projects because this is all new to you.

But remember the goal is not perfection.
The goal is to learn how to research, ask questions, and gain more practice coding.

Hope that helps!

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That is a very normal feeling. It is a big transition to making the pages. It would be like learning how to swim in a classroom and then being thrown in a pool. You’re going to thrash around a bit and accidentally swallow a little pool water. You’re going to feel panic. That is normal.

Just follow Jessica’s good advice and you’ll get there.

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Wow. This is very encouraging and supportive. Thank you so much for your help. @kevinSmith and @jwilkins.oboe

I would be taking your advice.

I would also be posting my progress as soon as I am getting along well with it. Thanks.


Hey @Ifedaniel, I know how it feels in the beginning. It’s normal to feel clueless and tucked in the beginning.

Let me first explain to you Class and ID with an analogy.

Class in CSS is similar to class we see in schools. A class in school holds multiple students together. Similarly, CSS classes can be put on multiple elements and thus create a group of elements that are assigned a certain class.

An ID on the other hand is similar to a Student ID, you don’t have more than one ID per student and you also don’t have two or more than two students who hold the same ID.

In a similar way, you don’t let one HTML element hold more than one ID and also don’t use the same ID everywhere.

So when you’re applying the id=main to your HTML element, you’re saying that the respective HTML element will now hold the unique ID of main.

If this helped you, great! If not tell me, I’ll try to make it easier. :blush:


I love this explanation. This makes it easier. I get it better now. Thanks a lot

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