Tribute Page: Nikola Tesla. Feedback appreciated!

Nice :thumbsup:

It’s better to use Bootstrap’s grid system instead of applying float: right; to the <div>s.

I don’t know if using col-xs-6 for the <div> with the image is intentional, but on mobile it shrinks that section to oblivion.

The Learn More button doesn’t work. Remove the enclosing <button> then add the btn classes to the <a> tag to make it look like a button.

Some tips if you intend to use Codepen for your projects:

  • You can move the contents of <head> in the HTML settings.
  • The <body> tag is redundant. The HTML editor is already what’s normally the <body>.

Good one. More so, because its a tribute to Nikola Tesla (the otherwise underrated legend).

The last section seems a little off. Because, half of the page is empty.

If you have limited content, then consider putting the div in the center.

You can have a look at my portfolio pen:

Thanks so much for the helpful feedback. :slight_smile: