Tribute Page (Nina Simone)

This is my Tribute Page.

I’d love your thoughts. Thank you.

Well, I’m a huge fan of Nina Simone :grinning:, the page I think is well structured but the combination of color maybe not the best, for example in the footer. Anyhow, good job and keep moving. Cheers

Thanks for the note about the footer. I edited it to match the header.


Good page. I love the embedded video. Adds to the experience and understanding of who Nina is.

There is something about the text though. Different color and maybe play around with format like size, spacing, and font-family to make it easier to view. Also text covering whole page seems to be a bit hard to follow. But that is just me.

Really good page. I would only add in media query

  ul {
    grid-template-columns: auto auto;

to limit columns to two instead of 3 when on mobile

Hi, thanks for the feedback.
I get what you mean about the text covering the whole page. Will make changes soon

Thank you. I’ll be making changes soon.