Tribute page not passing but works the same

Hi, I have completed the tribute page but I think its not passing because of the format? also I’m using VS Code so I’m cutting and pasting into I am using the html5 layout supplied by VScode so Im not sure if I need another Main element or if the body element is the same thing?

here is a link to the git-hub with the files on it:

there are certain things i’m not sure are ok to do; like the ID’s I have on paragraph elements.

any help or pointers would be much appreciated.


What are you actually submitting as the url for the project? You can not submit a GitHub repo link. If you are using Codepen, what is the Codepen url? Also, you need to read through all the instructions for the project. You need to add the following line of code right above the </body> tag of your html document. Once you do that, you can test your project to see if it meets all the specifications described in the User Stories.

<script src=""></script>

I had used VScode to create it but noticed that it had to be a codepen link so i was trying to cut and paste it into code pen. I used the link in the instruction screen (with the code you supplied in it already) and had trouble with it passing. the first thing that failed though is the element with the ID title and I have an element named title so I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong. then there are more things that don’t pass like not having an element with id=main and i am wondering if that would be the same as the body in my html. I am less concerned about the code passing the tests as I am having it function the same and be the correct syntax etc.

I am a little confused as the title element usually is a child of the head element and separate from the rest of the elements. should I have the head and body inside of the main? I tried that and it didn’t pass either so i’m confused as to how they are asking for all other elements to be inside the main element?

here is the codepen link:

Hi @Reefsider !

When I look at your code all tests are passing.
So maybe you already fixed the issue.

For future codepen projects, you don’t need to include the head because that is already taken care of for you in codepen.

If you need to include links for the head then you can place it in the html settings section.

The user stories refer to elements that the browser displays. Having an element with id="title" is not the same as having a title element.
On a side note, the head element and elements inside it cannot be styled so you wouldn’t give them an id or a class.

This user story says;
My tribute page should have an element with a corresponding id="main", which contains all other elements.
This refers to the elements that the browser displays. All of the code that the browser displays is in the body element.

Hope that helps.

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