Tribute page not running the correct tests

Hello! This is my first time posting on here - I started learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript about three weeks ago and I am really enjoying it.

However, while I have built my Survey Form and it has passed all of the 17 tests, the tribute page is trying to run the same 17 tests, instead of 9, so when I run the tests, it says that my project has only passed 2!

Does anyone have any idea what has gone wrong: I forked the Code Pen page on the Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Tribute Page, but perhaps the JavaScript is incorrect.

Do you have a Dropdown Menu on your Codepen Site,
where you can select the correct Tests?

Yes, it runs the tests but it seems to be running the tests for the Survey Form, which is the second project on the Responsive Web Design.
There are only 9 User Stories on the Tribute Page and so it should run only 9.
I actually started working on the Tribute Page first, then before I had completed it, I moved onto the Survey Form.
Now I have gone back to the Tribute Page :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I have a drop-down menu, but it won’t run the correct tests.

In your Screenshot, you selected Survey Form, you should select Tribute Page.

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Oh God, thank you so much. I hadn’t noticed that at all - thank you!