Tribute Page - Ocoee River

Hi guys. Here is my tribute page for the Ocoee River area. It is pretty simple and it is my first project. I would welcome any feedback. I’ve gotten it to cooperate on most screens (although I’m still not as happy as I want to be with how it looks on Safari 9 through iPhone).

It appears as though I still have some work to do when it comes to design and layout concepts.

Here is the link -

That looks like a great first project that goes beyond basic center alignment. The only think I noticed is that you have a number of ids you are not using in your CSS file. Are they there for future formatting? If not, they can be deleted.

I would also break up that block of text into paragraphs to make it more legible.

There is a nice assortment of information on that page. Enticing!

Nice job.

Thank you very much for your feedback @lisasinervo. You’re right, I forgot to go back and delete out my id’s. I wanted to have them labeled in case I wanted to format them further with CSS.

I had a little bit of trouble visualizing everything at first and being able to predict what format additions/omissions would do to the final layout. I found it helpful to add a CSS border to each element at first so that I could actually see what I was working with. Then, when I got each element where I wanted it (sort of) I went back and deleted out the borders.

I will try breaking up the paragraphs in the “about/history” section. I agree that will make it much more legible. Again, thank you for the feedback!

That border around each element trick is really useful.

I like that it has room to “breath” at full-screen - a lot of white space, which us, the beginners, think to overlook the importance of:) Good job, you can always come back to it and make it a bit more responsive when you learn how.