Tribute page of Abdus sattar Edhi.. Your thoughts

See the Pen Tribute site by Zeeshan Haider (@zeeshan72) on CodePen.

Hi! Saw that no one gave you any feedback so far so here goes. (Please keep in mind, I am still quite a beginner myself and do not have a background in design or whatnot. Not an expert here.)

I like the font you used for the gentleman’s man at the top. Overall, the look is kind of stark, but I think it goes well with the subtitle of the subject being the “Richest Poor Man.”

I think it would read easier if you kept the same format for your facts. Since you are using a bulleted list it would be easier on the eyes if the date and information order were consistent.

For example:

  • 1928 - Born ...
  • 1951 - Founded Eidhi Foundation

More padding or margin on the sides of your text areas would be nice. The final sentence at the bottom is the one that really comes to mind.

With regard to your code, I was able to understand what you did and predict how the page would look. You did a good job calling on Bootstrap’s classes instead of having to write CSS for every style on the page.

I think you are missing a closing tag for your unordered list though. Looks like it would go on line 44 right before you close that div element. Also, line 48 you used the footer tag for citing your quote. I don’t think that is semantically correct. You could have probably enclosed that text within the cite tag instead and change that element’s appearance in CSS, as desired.

Not a bad job though! :smiley:

Thanks for your honest response. I already sent an email to you regarding the changes that I made after you pointed my mistakes. I think it looks better now. thanks for your time.