Tribute Page of Irrfan

Hey everyone! I am new to web development and this is my first project. Do let me know what you think of it.
Also let me know about what can be improved and help me grow faster.


Hi @aksoff17!

I liked your page and the colors you used.

Nice job! :smiley:


A vibrant page. Well done.
Great fonts, I especially like those. You use very different fonts but they are beautiful together.
Nice background, maybe the colors are just a bit too much. I would continue to use them but make them a little less fluorescent, to my taste.
When your page has the size of a phone screen the margins of the divs and of the main tag are too big. The rest is ok, the fonts scale down and the image is beautifully responsive but the page becomes very narrow.
I wouldn’t use br tags to create space, br tags are normally used for line breaks. Margins and padding are a lot more flexible and versatile and they are the preferred way to deal with such matters.


Thank you so much @julio-pinheiroo for your feedback.

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Hey @mientje ,

Thanks for your detailed feedback. Will consider everything the next time.
I am obliged that you took your valuable time to check out my project and to provide me with the valuable insights.

Thanks again!