Tribute page Olspe

I kept my page simple to see if i was on the right track. Here it is

I don’t know how to do the the last 2 user stories. Like what is the parent element here and how to make it relative to it and not exceed the original size? Also is it fine that I put tag inside a

tag or is that redundant?

Thank you

Did you run the test script on your pen?

Sorry for being late to respond. How do I run the test script?

2 things here.

  1. Verify your codepen email so I can see your pen in full-screen view. :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. I don’t see the script button on your page did you add the script code to your project?

Yea sorry about that just verified my email. I also found out how to run the test script and it’s all good. Do I now just copy past the codepen url onto the Tribute page solutions?

Yep! Post the codepen that has all the codes passing