Tribute Page on Codepen

Hey, I’m just starting out and finally finished my tribute page. Any and all advice for my project would be appreciated. Thanks

what i would do is wrap it all in one element, because timeline somehow sticks out of the whole page. and padding of title and description is to small.
my humble opinion :slight_smile:

It looks good. I like your use of fonts. A couple of observations.

The white margin around the first section is a little glaring. I notice that your first <div> tag is outside of your <body> tag. I agree with Stivis that the timeline sticks out. The top of your page is so skinny and the bottom is so wide. I might want to at least indent the list. Or wrap everything in a container.

it’s great but i thank the external link should be opened in new window according to the user story! isn’t it?
keep working camper,

Thanks guys. I will work on making it better. The advice is really appreciated. As for the different page, i didn’t notice that. I will need to figure out how to get it to pop up on another page.