Tribute Page on Dietrich von Hildebrand (Feedback if you please!)

Hi, everyone! Here’s my first project. I’ve fairly slavishly followed the format of the example page given in the project prompt, so it’s not too splashy (hence the gray background and all that).

Anyway, I would very much appreciate any general feedback you’d be willing to provide, especially with regard to the following two issues:

  1. When I pull the page up on my phone, it does not scale well at all. I think I’ve done what I need to do to make the page mobile responsive (e.g., I’ve used the “img-responsive” class and employed the “col-xs-*” class for the grid.) Thoughts?

  2. When I was trying to center my main text-block, I tried to use col-offset in order to center it; however, it never actually offset it. So, for instance, I had div class=“col-xs-6 offset-xs-3” id=“main-body”. However, my central body block stayed firmly attached to the left-hand side. I ended up pulling this CSS code from a stackoverflow thread:

float: none;
margin: 0 auto;

which got the job done, but I’d rather use offsetting.

Anyway, thank you very much in advance for your time and input! I appreciate it! :slight_smile: