Tribute Page On Disciple - Feedback Welcome!

Hey everyone! This is my first major project. Any and all feedback is welcome!

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Nice :thumbsup:

Why not put the text and the video in columns? Like this:

I think the images are blurred too much, and it’s giving me incredible lag.

Love the column idea with the content and videos side by side. Will definitely give that a go.

Haha, I hadn’t even noticed, but I was coding in Chrome and I fixed the -webkit-blur but not the regular blur. Firefox does look pretty crappy. I had not noticed any lag either, but maybe that is why? Hopefully fixing the blur will solve the lag issue.

Thanks @kevcomedia and @P1xt! I’ll update the post once the changes are made.

Hey guys, I’ve updated my tribute page, and I’d love to know what you think.

I placed the top section in 2 columns, with the left being content and the right side the video (I removed the 2nd video completely as it now did not really fit design wise).

I fixed the css blur, and I am not getting any discernible lag when scrolling. Hopefully this fixed for you as well?

Finally, I felt that at some screen sizes the album cover images looked too large compared to the rest of the elements on the page, so I scaled back the max size on those. I think this makes it look much better.

Again, I welcome any and all feedback.