Tribute-page on Michelle Obama

Hi everyone
i have completed my first fcc project which is based on Michelle Obama’s life.
See it live here

i would appreciate any feedback.


Hi @sneharatnani !

I think your page looks good.

I would review the lesson on Giving Links Meaning by Using Descriptive Link Text.

wikipedia entry is not that accessible.

Hope that helps!

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Hey! So I’m familiar with the idea of being succinct and descriptive to improve accessibility, for instance in alt attributes on images, but how could we be make this wiki link more accessible? I’m a little unsure how the lesson link you shared helps here? Please enlighten me :slight_smile:

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Right now the link text says Wikipedia entry.

But that is not really helpful.

What is this wikipedia entry about?

Something better would be " Michelle Obama’s biography"

That full sentence on the bottom of the page could read “To learn more, read Michelle Obama’s biography”

That is way more descriptive than Wikipedia entry


Hi @jwilkins.oboe

I didn’t know about this.
Now i understand the importance of descriptive links.

Thanks a lot