Tribute Page on Neil Armstrong. Looking for any feedback. Thanks!

Hello all!
I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have for me on my Neil Armstrong tribute page which can be found here . This is my first project ever, and is mostly comprised of HTML & CSS. I kept things fairly similar to the example project, but I wanted to try some different things stylistically. Feels a bit underwhelming when I compare it with projects done by others, but I suppose that would be a normal reaction when doing something for the first time.
Some other questions I have thought of when first facing the Responsive Web Design projects: What is anyone’s suggestions in regards to when these projects should be worked on? Is it best to do these sequentially as shown in the curriculum? Many other projects I have seen include JavaScript and other elements from upcoming sections. Also, I realize everyone learns at a different rate, but with that considered, I made my tribute page in a few hours and was mostly concerned with satisfying the project’s requirements. Should I consider giving myself more time, days, a week to create something more?
I apologize if my post was a bit long & waffley , but I really am grateful for any insights any of you terrific people have!
Thanks in advance!
-Josh Cooper

You did a good job.


Thanks! I appreciate you taking time to respond.