Tribute Page Once Again

I originally posted my tribute page on Gitter when it was originally completed. Since then the Forum opened I up, and would like to post here as well. My apologies to those who have already seen it.


Perfect! All your CSS and HTML is separate and the look and feel of it corresponds with the topic of your page!

Yay! :+1::raising_hand_woman::ok_woman: Have learned even more Bootstrap since then, so thought about making a couple more projects for practice. Wonder if we can post those in the forums as well…

Yes, you are definitely on the right track in terms of practicing! As long as you are posting in a category that corresponds to your topic I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t share your other projects! What would be cool, in the future after your done with building a practice project, is if you posted the link to your original project and then in that same topic, add the link to your practice project. That way you can show the community what you have learned and how practicing can help hone your skills! It will also allow them to see the difference between your non practice project and then see the project that you created after you have practiced and gained more knowledge.

Yep, looks good. Simple, effective—very nice. My comment would be to look at the responsiveness of the page. It looks fine in desktop sizes, but gets whacky (briefly) as it gets narrower: the opening text and photo no-longer line up with the timeline. But if you keep making it smaller, it fixes itself again. I guess the problem is between col-md and col-sm, or maybe col-sm and col-xs.

Thank you for the great reply as usual. I look forward to sharing what I am anticipating creating in the near future. It both helps my learning process as well as generate new ideas for others and myself. :v:

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Thank you for the feedback. During my excursion to learn enough Bootstrap for the Tribute project, I came across lots of articles on the CSS grid system from the likes of Smashing Magazine, Site Point and A List Apart. And universally they demonstrate building CSS grids in…CSS! (Right?!). I am taking some time now to learn the basics of responsive grids and media breakpoints, which in turn are helping understand what I was actually doing with Bootstrap classes. I may yet go back and rework the Tribute Project, but for now I am eager to try some different layouts and styles. But you are very correct about the breakpoints as I have them defined in my Tribute :blush: It is also a good lesson in testing a layout on many different screens!

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