Tribute Page: Philip K Dick (feedback, comments, thoughts)

Hello everyone can I call myself officially a camper? :slightly_smiling_face:today I deployed my tribute page dedicated to one of my favorite authors Philip K. Dick, hope you like it and every piece of feedback is welcome! Nice to be part of this awesome community.

Link and screenshot below :point_down:

Philip K Dick Tribute Page

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Nice I like it. I half expected something trippy to happen, but I like that itโ€™s clean and respectful.

  1. I might use object-fit: cover; on the image to avoid it getting vertically squished.

  2. I would remove the overflow-y: scroll; on .main-sidebar-page when the layout is stacked.

  3. I was thinking about maybe stacking the main content before the layout stacks. I would have to test it to see if I like that better.

Good job. :+1:

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thank you for your input! I totally forgot about the overflow-y: scroll while doing the media queries.
yeah I tried to keep it focused on the literary side and leave out his relationships and all the drug stuff, still wondering if it was the right call โ€ฆ

Hey nachoorihuela, I really like the tribute page. Just a quick question though, how did you implement the timeline? Also, the link is not working anymore.