Tribute page/portfolio images don't load on mobile

I’ve added img-responsive to the image on my tribute page ( and set the width and height to auto… any other reasons why it won’t load on mobile?

also, my portfolio’s ( it’s unfinished, i just started it this morning) background images won’t load on mobile, but i have no idea how to add img-responsive to those anyway. any tips?

Were you able to get it working? I just checked on my phone (Android, Samsung Galaxy S7) and the images on both of your tribute and portfolio came up fine for me.

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thanks for the reply. i checked and turns out if i open it through the fb messenger browser, photos don’t load, but if i open in chrome on my android then they load just fine. hmm. beats me how i’d fix that but for now i’d say it’s responsive.

Ohh, well thats strange… I dont know much about the fb messenger browser…but guessing its more an issue with that browser than it is with your website cause everything looks a okay to me :smiley: