Tribute page problem with text color/class can’t get this to work how i want. I want to be able to call up the .kitten and .newbie classes to change the colors throughout the document.

Welcome, dani.

Why have you included style tags within the CSS section?

.kitten {
  font-color: #000000;
{font-color: #ffffff;

They are HTML elements, not CSS elements.

Could you expand on what you are trying to accomplish?

i tried without them at first and it still didn’t work. I went back to my lesson on that and it had style tags. I am very confused about how codepen works, in all honesty.

No worries about it. I do recommend you take a look at the documentation/starter-guide CodePen has. In short: CodePen does a lot in the background for you - there is no need to link to your CSS, or JS, in your HTML, and HTML should not be in either the CSS or JS sections.

Also, CodePen has a code analyser tools. It will help see issues like:

<main id-"main">
 <h1 id-"title">Two Goofballs</h1>
  <div id-"subtitle">
  <p><span class="kitten">Kitten</span> and <span class="newbie">Newbie</span></p>

There is no closing main tag. There is no closing div tags. id attributes are assigned with = not - (you can see there is an issue based on the syntax highlighting.

Until the syntax errors are resolved, it is unlikely the page will appear as you expect.

Hope this helps

ah thanks for seeing that = - error. I’m visually impaired so i miss that sometimes and i’d reduced magnification so I could see things as whole.

the html tag was based off the original tribute page. it has that same thing. From what i gathered it is so you have a base font size for the whole of the page and then can increase by rem? it’s in the css notes here: