Tribute page problem with the HTML analyzes

Hello World!
I was working on my tribute page (something pretty simple about the Campbell theory of Hero’s Journey) and i received a message from the HTML Inspector warning:

“The classes cointainer (1) jumbotron (1) col-xs-12 (2) text-center (8) thumbnail (1) img-reponsive (1) center (1) caption (1) col-sm-10 (1) col-sm-offset-1 (1) col-md-8 (1) col-md-offset-2 (1) are used in the HTML but not found in any stylesheet. Since you have external stylesheets, you can probably ignore this.”

Well, while i was doing the course, some times the site said thinks like “to use this on your code you have to declare this ou that thing, but we already did this to you in order to help you”. And now I receive that message. Is there any problem with this? On the page, everything looks normal, but I don’t know what this means…

That is the page on editor’s view
If anyone could help me, i’ll be very glad.

You have some mistakes in your code.
No closing tag for container

No closing tag for jumbotron

Your code that has the YouTube link starts with

but it ends whith

Are you using a text editor on your computer to do your mark-up before putting it in codepen?
If not, I would suggest you do so. A good text editor is notepad++ it can be downloaded for free. Just google search notepad++. Having a good text editor will help a great deal. If you click on a div tag it will show if you have matching closing tag.

Looking at your pen, I see that your settings are incorrect in codepen.
You have to set up codepen so that it will run bootstrap properly.

First in the html window click the gear in the upper left corner and then copy & paste these meta tags into the box that says stuff for head.

second in the css window click the gear. Down where it says
add external css click the X that is on the right side of the top box.
This wiill clear out what is already in there. Then copy and paste this link into that top box.

Third in the js window click on the gear go down to the quick add using the drop down select jQuery. Then use the dropdown again and select Bootstrap.
check out this video

Hope this has helped you.

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You are very welcome.
I think the notepad++ will help alot the syntax highlighting and code indentation. When you start using it at the top pick code language such as
html, or css.