Tribute page problms with seeing the photo

hi everyone here
im super new in coding and I start to create a tribute page and i cant see the photo…
im realy stuck here and wold be very nice if someone can help me
here is my link to my codepen :

2 problems:

  1. you wrote: scr instead of src (stands for: source)
  2. the path is not really the src-path:

If you open that path in browser and click on the zoom-lens, you come to the real path (but this image is much to big, see: post of soufyakoub):

You see that the 2nd view is different than the 1st? The 1st is embedded in a website, the 2nd not, the 2nd shows the pure picture. Look at the tab of the 1st: there is missing something like .jpg at the end

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the second path is not the correct one to use in an img tag .
here’s a fiddle showing it in action .

this is the correct one .

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Yes your path is better, you found a thumbnail.
(And somehow I killed the links in my post…)

in markdown, to show a link the proper way , you’ll have to wrap it in certain syntax :
[title goes here](link goes here)

so for a title of “freeCodeCamp” and a link of
here’s the result freeCodeCamp

and if you want to show the whole link explicitly , you’ll have to make the title the same as the link


Thank you for the fast answer. i manage to do it …my “scr” … i didnt notice it , and on the second path i use the correct one from soufyakoub
thank u a lot

thank u a lot for the fast answer
for the path 2 i use ur correct one ,
it realy works now… i didnt knew that had to be smaller in an img tag…and even if i knew, i didnt know from where to take a smaller one (800px)

just set the width attribute on the image like this :

<img width="800px" />

you have to know that if you set only the width or the height, the image is gonna keep its aspect ratio

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thank you a lot
obviously i didnt knew