Tribute Page Project 1 Feedback

I am new to FCC and have been messing with HTML. However, I am not very good at aesthetics and such. I believe I have the bare minimum so far. I would like suggestions and feedback. Also, I don’t think the submission is useful as it doesn’t check if all requirements were met. It assumes they are.

Hey and welcome!
I’m quite new as well so I might not be able to give advanced tips but I got some suggestions.

All the content that should be in the page is there, now there’s just the styling bit left!
First of all, all text and the image is pushed out to the left. Try centering your text and pictures to make it more symmetrical!

Secondly, the text right under the picture blends very easily with the text right under. Maybe create a bit more space in between (such as using <br>) or style the text differently (such as italics).

Good luck!

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