Tribute page project-Alfred Hitchcock

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I leave my first programming project,5 days ago i had no idea of anything related to code, I hope you like it.

but the really matters is the feedback,if you have a minute take a look to code.

I expect you comments and tips.

pd:I promise my english get better in the future,so sorry :smile: .

You use almost exclusively in-line css. It’s a bad practice and it makes your code look messy. You added bootstrap to your site but didnt make any use of it. Overall it looks decent maybe just add more padding to certain elements. As it is right now it feels really cramped. For the last “h2” tag you used style=“bottom-margin:-10px” for some reason, try swaping it with “padding-bottom: 10px” and maybe add background-size: cover; to your css file. Rather than mimicking the example page you should build one from scratch; even if it seems too elementary. I hope this helpe at least a little bit. cheers, Tim.

thanks Tim, I make the changes and looks better, i used style=“bottom-margin:-10px” for try to give some space next to h2 element, but was a big failure. Using background-size:cover; the background-image looks better, i dont knew it, but it use the command for the future.

you´re right I totally mimmicking the disign of my page but the code its mine solution to solve that., whatever, the inline css code is because i understood at the youtube video that the code had to be of my biggest steps to learn efficently is increse my english level.

Thanks for your help, I was working on my portfolio page. But before I create a tribute page with my own design and this is thanks to you.