Tribute Page Project-Anime

Hello all i m George.
I finished my tribute page here is the link.

I had use only html5 and bootstrap that i have learn from the Camp .
It was little hard and haotic to use only that i have learn from the Camp.(It is my first attempt with coding and html5 etc.)
My main problem it was how to be nake the page responsive in diffrent size of screen,(especialy the columns).
I just see some other people Tribe Page and i think my code is haotic compare them…:slight_smile:! anyway,
Any feedback is welcome!

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it was a good start!)
fyi the picture at the bottom is huuuge its about 5MB , no matter how you resize it in browser the original img is loaded anyways

Good morning.
Thank you Annestezia.
However I dont understand what is the problem with the picture in the bottom and why it is not resize on you.
Could you explain to me?
I open the browser in diffrent sizes and it is scale correct .Also i open it from a mobile-phone and it’s scale correct.
The only element that is not resize ,it is the button Click Me!.
That,I left untouch and i was not sure if it matches with the project.

good evening i’d say)) the pic scales ok , everything’s fine , i’m only saying that it’s unneccesary data there , you’re not showing this pic fullsize anywhere , it’s tiny , it could be smth like 50-100kb but it’s about 5000kb… e.g my connection is pretty slow, so when i opened ur pen this tiny pic kept on loading for several seconds…