Tribute page project - astronomer / mathematician / poet

Hello everyone! I am new to coding and I just finished my tribute page project and would love to hear some feedback as this is the first page that I’ve ever built. I used Atom as my text editor before pasting them into CodePen so some formatting might be off. Thank you very much in advance and appreciate your help to review this. Thank you so much for kickstarting my coding journey! :slight_smile:

FCC tribute page


Are you sure this is your first site? :heart_eyes: It’s so beautiful!! Only thing I’d do is add a little bit of border-radius to the .container, but that’s just me

@ArcticPirate Aw thank you very much for your kind words! That’s a great idea, will incorporate that :slight_smile:

My eyes went wide when I saw this. It’s amazing! The only thing I would change is that to me " You can find out more about Wang Zhenyi here" looks a little bit out of place. I would place that as a final paragraph. Matter of personal preference though. Good job!

Thank you very much! I’ve updated my page per your suggestion. :slight_smile: